Table 7. Aposematic coloration and mimicry in Heliconius and Flea beetles
    co-mimics generally share same flight environment; Heliconius and others
row Flight environment

Astrophaea-Decaloba feeders,
group I and others

subgenus Passiflora feeders group II, and E. aliphera (old leaves only)

1 Forest; edge H. sapho H. cydno
2 Edge H. hecalesia H. hecale
3 Edge; second growth H. erato H. melpomene
4 Edge H. sara blue H. doris
5 Edge Parides sp. (Papilionidae) red H. doris
6 Edge Melinaea lilis (Ithomiini) H. ismenius

Forest gaps, edge

H. charithonus no common mimic at La Selva
8 second growth Dryas iulia Eueides aliphera (Heliconiini)

  Passiflora species Adult flea beetles found together on same plants

9 P. pittieri, forest red Pedilia Monomacra violacea
10 P. lobata, forest, edge red Ptocadica Monomacra violacea
11 P. auriculata, P. biflora
edge, second growth
Parchicola DF2    
12 Ptocadica bifasciata
Monomacra violacea
13 Disonycha quinquelineata Monomacra chontalensis

P. oerstedii second growth
P. ambigua
, forest

yellow Ptocadica yellow-tibia Parchicola
15 P. ambigua, forest
P. vitifolia
, forest
P. quadrangularis

edge, second growth
black-tibia Parchicola Monomacra violacea